Public Relations

PR is our core expertise. We offer various solutions to your public relations matter. We can be your consultant, your partner, your friend to talk about how you build your reputation in public. We build brand visibility and how the media shapes your company.
We have a lot of experience working with relationships, and we’re confident that our skills can help you achieve success in conversations and even influence public policy. We know how to get along with people and build trust, which is essential for getting your message across and influencing others.
Our team of senior level public relations consultants has a wealth of editorial and creative skills that have been honed over years of providing PR services to some of the world’s top businesses and brands. We’re experts at working with both high-growth brands and early-stage companies, and we’re committed to helping them reach their goals.
List of Services:
  • Press Release Dissemination
  • Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Media Relations
  • Brand and Product Launches
  • Media Training
  • Press Conference
  • Campaign Ideation

Social Media Management

Every platform matters. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube media you should start to choose as your branding strategy.
Social media has become the largest platform to share information, therefore skill of social media management is necessary. If you don’t have time and resources, G-Communications is willing to help and fulfill your lack.
We assist from zero to something great. We arrange the concept of your social media, branding, what content will fit with your image, and how we create content that is shareable and getting more attention from your target audiences. At the end, you will get more engagement and escalate your brand awareness through social media.

Event Organizer and Live Streaming

Events could be your branding strategy and give many insights to your company. We have experienced holding an event on so many levels. Local, national, and international events, we are ready to help!
We organize every event based on your request. Plan, arrange, promote, and execute events in the most creative way. We are also open to discussion, ideation, and collaborations from every client. Because we understand that to make a wonderful event, we need cooperation from you as our client, and us, as the executor. 
With our online-offline preparation scheme, you can enjoy preparing your event no matter where you are. You can track everything online, meet people and vendors online, and schedule offline meetings if needed. It’s simple, easy, and flexible for everyone!
A range list of events:
  1. Gala Dinner
  2. MICE
  3. Product Launch 
  4. Company’s Event 
  5. Government’s Event
  6. Hybrid Event 
  7. Live Streaming

Media Research

Every research matters. Research is a basic thing to do when you’re gonna launch something. 

Media research is the examination of how mass media affects social, physical, and psychological aspects of people’s lives. It encompasses research into the effects of media on various aspects of social, physical, and psychological life.
We do research for everything you need. Before you launch your new product, your new policy, and many more, we could help you with understanding what market and public wants to make your launching successful. 

Web Development

Creating and hosting a website from zero to ‘ready to use’ and make your company have a proper website. We are experts at web development for more than 10 years, helping so many clients from government, university, and private companies. 
  1. Visual Design 
  2. Search Engine Optimization 
  3. Web Development 
  4. Mobile Apps

Crisis and Reputation Management

Corporate communications play a critical role in protecting a company’s reputation. We develop creative strategies to communicate the company’s identity, philosophy, and place in the marketplace using a variety of media and tools.
A range list of crisis management:
  • Stakeholder mapping, perception and issues audit
  • Corporate reputation enhancement programs
  • Internal/employee communications
  • Capacity building & training programs
  • Issues Management & Crisis Communication
  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Communications Audit

Digital Political Campaign

Attention all political campaigns! Looking to make a splash in the digital world? 

Look no further! 

Our services specialize in helping you create a standout digital political campaign. With our expertise and cutting-edge strategies, we’ll ensure your message reaches the right audience and drives real results. 

Whether you’re looking to increase online visibility, engage with voters, or drive conversions, our team has the skills and experience to help you succeed. 

What we do:
Measures how much a candidate is discussed by the public in a certain period of time. Digital popularity is calculated based on the number of conversations (mentions) of the candidate.
Measuring how much the percentage level of the candidate is liked by the public. Digital favorability is calculated based on the distribution of positive, negative and neutral public sentiment.
We provide political survey technology based on bots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The use of this technology makes it very easy for candidates to carry out research analysis effectively and efficiently
Mapping the development of issues that arise in the public opinion of netizens in the digital space of social media and online media. Issues can be categorized into two, namely Negative and Positive Issues.
The analysis of potential electoral districts is a portrait of data related to population structure, regional infrastructure, natural resource potential, party vote acquisition for the 2019 election and other data that is useful for knowing the portrait of a candidate’s electoral districts.
Compare every aspect with your competitors, such as popularity,


Your marketing strategy should consider using ATL marketing. It helps you to broaden your audience and increase your brand awareness. We will help you and give the best recommendation for your advertising strategy and grant the best result. 
A range list of advertising:
  • Billboard 
  • Banner
  • Videotron/Megatron 
  • Advertisement on Television 
  • Advertisement on Radio
  • Digital Marketing

    Paid advertising is like turning on a switch. Once you do, you start to see traffic coming in. But paid advertising campaigns are not just about putting up an ad and waiting for people to click it. You have to have a plan and know how to determine which ads are working and which ones are not. 
    This is why a good digital advertising campaign with a good PR plan is so important- it can help any brand succeed in any market.
    A range list of digital advertising/marketing:
    1. Google Ads
    2. Google Display Network 
    3. Facebook Ads
    4. Instagram Ads
    5. TikTok Ads
    6. Twitter Ads
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