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Predikat Kepatuhan Standar Pelayanan Publik – Ombudsman RI

Ombudsman Republik Indonesia is present to supervise the implementation of public services organized by state and government administrators, which include BUMN and private and individual bodies assigned the task of administering certain public services. They would like to share their activities through social media and receive public complaints. 

About Event: On December 22, 2022, Predikat Kepatuhan Standar Pelayanan Publik 2022 event was held by the Indonesian Ombudsman. The event was designed solemnly and magnificently, and was attended by several ministries and provincial, district and city governments.


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Media Day - Bukalapak

Bukalapak, is an Indonesian e-commerce company. It was founded in 2010 as an online marketplace to facilitate online commerce for small and medium enterprises (SME). Bukalapak later expanded to digitize small family-owned businesses, known in Indonesia as warungs. The company is involved in the operations of approximately 25% of Indonesian warungs through its Mitra programme.

About Event: Media Day Bukalapak: Create Impact Through ESG Initiatives
The media gathering activity organized by Bukalapak aims to provide information regarding the impact that Bukalapak has given to 14.2 million MSME partners through the ESG strategy.

Sosialisasi Kebijakan – Kementerian ESDM

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia is an Indonesian ministry responsible for providing assistance to the President and Vice President in performing government’s affairs in the field of energy and mineral resources.

About Event: Kementerian ESDM – Sosialisasi Pemberlakuan Kebijakan SKEM dan Label Tanda Hemat Energi untuk Lampu LED

This socialization aims to spread teachings related to the standard use of energy-saving lamps. This Ministerial Regulation is stipulated in order to carry out the implementation of energy conservation through efficient consumption of energy use of energy-using equipment and to protect and provide information to users in selecting energy-efficient energy-using equipment, namely by imposing the obligation to put a minimum energy performance standard mark or an energy-saving label sign. energy use equipment.
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