Unit Usaha

G - Social Media Management

1. Social Media Planning

Social media blue print. Design and plan social media strategies to produce great campaigns of your brand to the right audience effectively. 

2. Social Media Content

Produce unique and catchy content for every social media channel. Memes. Infographics. Motion Graphic. Reels. TikTok. Everything you need. 

3. Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring 24/7 to see your consumers and audiences reaction to your product and services. 

4. Crisis Management

Issue Mapping. Evaluate Issue. Handling Crisis. Fast Response Statement. 

5. Research Analytic

Research analysis for your brand to create a great communication strategies. Design communication development for government and private institution. Being your 24/7 consultant for communication guidance.  

6. Social Media Ads

Advertise your product through social media ads. Instagram ads. Twitter ads. TikTok ads. KOL Using. Trending Topic with organic people. Viewer Boost.